About us

A highly specialised and strategic UI, UX & Web design and Development firm in Sydney, Australia.

10 meaningful years in the business

Mizko Media is an internationally recognised digital agency for highly strategic and results-driven UI, UX, Web Design & Development work. The team has been lucky enough to have helped shape a number of Australian household startup names including, Spaceship, Snappr, HiPages, Freelancer and more.

We make it simple for you

There is a fine balance between beauty and being, highly impactful and functional. At Mizko Media we create solutions that don’t only look great but also helps the business move the needle. We have spent years crafting a lean but highly strategic product framework and process to achieve consistent results for our clients.

Our key focus is to bring our naturally geared growth mindset to all our design and product decisions. Time after time, we have helped our client’s consistently meet outcomes and we’re confident we can do so for you as well.


Our team has been invited to speak at numerous design meetups and conferences. The list includes Adobe MAX in Las Vegas, Spaceship Talks, CCX Sydney Meetup, Digital Design Days and many more.


In January 2020, our founder Michael Wong was formally invited to become an Advisor & Mentor at Antler. A global VC fund for early staged startups where he spends most of his time helping funded founders with product strategy, growth and design.


Beyond the office walls, we allocate time to help educate and mentor the next generation of designers entering the industry. Michael frequently mentors design graduates from Academy Xi and General Assembly.